It’s no secret I hate social media: the pressure to post; the endless useless comments, bickering, and vanity.

Instead, I plan to treat this section as my own personal blog: thoughts, ideas, and current events as they happen, all posted casually and for my own amusement and record–exceptionally public, but mostly private given I doubt you’ll even read this. I mean, do you even know I exist?

Jan. 21. 2023 11:26AM

Feeling depressed about the world. Depressed about everything. Winter is too warm this year. Wishing I was back in the 80s, but also hating the 80s because, what was to like? This is nostalgia at its best (meaning, better in your head than in reality).

Avoiding marking, currently. Listening to Peter Gabriel’s “I Have The Touch,” basically my favourite song of his. Trying to get inspiration from these old masters. Just keep going. Music–when done right–can move your soul so profusely. My favourite part? The “onlyonly...”

In the live version he sings them higher, and it’s sublime. I recommend that version too.